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Our Heritage

On Tuesday the 24th of September, South Africans all around the world celebrated Heritage Day. This is a day where South Africans are encouraged to celebrate their diversity in beliefs and traditions in the wider context of the nation. A day where one remembers all their cultural heritage, a heritage of any kind. A day where all feel united as one, part of a nation, standing together in unity.

While this is a beautiful sight to witness, it is not the only uniting factor of our country. Sports is another – in this case soccer. It unites people through the sharing of something in common. It brings communities together to stand in solidarity as they support their team, as they support our team. Standing on the stands, singing, dancing and cheering the boys on as they sprint across the field, ball at the foot. Reaching for their goal, kicking the ball, in the hope to get it in the net. In anticipation as the crowd waits for that whistle. GOAL. The cultures have come together, they have celebrated and set aside their differences for that moment in time. Sports unites us.




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