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A message from your Urban Warriors: Stay Home, Stay Safe!

The whole world is facing a pandemic and we are all currently in the middle of a situation which we have never encountered before.

What is next will be the question on everybody’s lips, but as we continue to battle the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the obstacles it will bring, we as Ajax Cape Town want to encourage all residents of South Africa to follow the rules imposed by the Government and to stay safe.

Amid the 21-day lockdown, we asked selected Urban Warriors players for some encouraging advice for our fans during this unique situation:

Abednigo Mosiatlhaga: “Every situation has a good and bad side, you can look for the positive or the negative. As you may have guessed I always look for the positives and I urge you to do the same – find something positive about your situation”

Grant Margeman: “Family, I get to spend time with my young family and bond with my boy. Life is a rush when you are a professional sportsman and sometimes you can skip the small things that happen in your life. Spend time to get to know your family or let them get to know you”

Nick Hengelman: “We are obviously all concerned about the ‘what next’ but I have taught myself that it is very important to take it one day at a time because we cannot guess the future so why worry about things I can’t control. So take each day as it comes and work on a skill or read a book, build on yourself during the lockdown”

Rooi Mahamutsa: “These are the moments you get to see character, good characters and bad characters. You get to see who is disciplined and who is not. A lot of people approach me and ask about football careers but they don’t have the discipline it takes to make it, there is always an excuse if you want one. Use this time to write down your goals and road map how you want to achieve them. You have 21 days to stop making excuses and to work on yourself.”

Ajax Cape Town would like to encourage everyone to follow the rules and unit as a country (from the comfort of your own home). We are all about team work and we know that if we work together and use this time in a positive manner, we will be able find the good moments in this dark time.

Stay Home, stay safe and take care!

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