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Cape Town Spurs F.C. are happy to announce a 3-year partnership with innovative analysis
software company STATS DRIVE.

Stats Drive is a revolutionary provider of cutting-edge performance analysis software
tailored for soccer teams at all levels of the game. Its mission is to support any team with
the tools they need to achieve peak performance on the field.

The reason that Spurs were excited to partner with the new software company were some
of the key features of Stats Drive:

Elite-Level Analysis: Powered by advanced algorithms and statistical models, Stats Drive
delivers elite-standard analysis of player and team performance. From tactical breakdowns
to individual player metrics, the software provides comprehensive insights that drive
strategic decision-making.

Comprehensive Post-Match Analysis:
The Stats Drive software enables teams to conduct
thorough post-match analysis, allowing coaches, analysts, and players to review every
aspect of their performance and that of the opposition.

Live In-Game Analysis: In addition to post-match analysis, Stats Drive offers live in-game
analysis capabilities that provide teams with real-time insights during matches. Whether it’s
monitoring key performance indicators or instantly reviewing key video events, the software
assists coaches to make informed decisions in the heat of the moment.

User-Friendly Interface: The Stats Drive software is designed with usability in mind, ensuring
that coaches, analysts, and players can easily navigate and interpret complex data. With an
intuitive interface, accessing critical insights has never been easier.

Highly Visual and Interactive Graphics:
Stats Drive understands the importance of visual
communication, which is why its software features highly visual and interactive graphics.
From heat maps to passing networks, the graphics enable users to gain deeper insights into
their team’s performance at a glance.

Stats Drive is committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements,
constantly updating and improving the software to meet the evolving needs of soccer teams